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We can provide raw honey in jars or larger quantities in plastic pails up to 60lb. Beeswax is also available from us although most of it is recycled for the bees to make combs again in the summer months.Tynffordd apiaries is a small scale beekeeping operation with 11 apiaries in Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire. We are a husband and wife team with me (Bob) doing the beekeeping and my wife helps with the honey processing and marketing. 

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In Wales spring (April-May) and summer (June-July) are the times when there is plenty of blossom and flowers for the bees to visit and gather nectar. In spring the bees will visit Hawthorn, Sycamore and Dandelion and produce a darkish amber coloured honey with a lovely flavour. In summer there is White Clover, Blackberry, Himalyan Balsam and Rosebay Willowherb to gather nectar from and the resulting honey is a paler straw colour that has a more delicate flavour. Some years our honey will set more quickly over time and other in years it will remain runny for six months or more. This is down to the 'mix' of nectars that were used to produce the honey. A high proportion of Dandelion, for example, will cause spring honey to set quite quickly and pure dandelion honey will set in the comb if left too long without extracting it. Setting is a perfectly natural property of honey and the presence of pollen and propolis in natural raw honey (not micro filtered) can act as 'seeds' on which crystallization can begin.

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If you are concerned about the number of bees flying in your garden or have a swarm settled near your property please contact me for advice which I'll be happy to provide.

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